Saturday, 28 April 2012

Embroidered and crochet wall hangings

Sangu  chakra

 The sangu chakra wall hanging was embroidered on felt cloth with silk threads. I cut the designs on carton boxes (like beverage, soap, toothpaste packings) and used it as base. This art, was learnt by me  from Smt Rajalakshmi. This is one of the big hits of my hand works.

 Green house:  Anchor stitch kid wall hanging.

 Paper embroidery:  I pricked  holes on chart paper according to the design and embroidered with silk thread.
 Crochet wall hanging:  I used the old Pressure cooker gascut  for frame, crocheted with pink and green woolen thread.  I stick flower kundan stones  around the circle.

 Crochet thoran:  crocheted with green and pink woolen thread.

 Crochet doily:  For this doily I used baby pink woolen  thread

 Crochet doily: crocheted with  mercer crochet cotton thread.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wall Hanging: Kundan work Sri Krishna

kundan work:  I used kundan stones, beads for jewelleries. 
The photo was fixed on felt cloth and  the border was designed by silver colour glitter paint.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Love to have my hand-keys with lovely motifs 

 Stitches used:
1. Flowers & Leaves- Lazy Daisy
2. Pollens- French Knots
3. Stem- Back Stitch

Stitches Used:
1. Flower & Leaves- satin stitch
2.Stem-back stitch

Stitches used:
1.satin stitch and lazy daisy for flowers and leaves.
2.wiped running stitch for stem

Cross stitch done on a canvas cloth. I got the Lord Venkatesa design from my aunt.

Dimentional painting on canvas board. I used fevi tight for the dimentional effect and fabric colours.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hand- Embroidery in saree

This is a Kamal Kadai embroidery done on a georget saree for my loving daughter. Here, I have used a multi colour cone thread for the flowers and double shade green cone thread for the stem and leaves. 
In the centre of the flowers I have fixed an orange colour sequin.

Stitches used:

1. Leaves- Fishbone
2. Flowers-Kamal Kadai
3. stems-Wiped running
4. Scalp-Herringbone

These four simple stitche were used throughout the saree.  Post your comments to my blog.