Sunday, 30 September 2012

TAST week 39 knotted buttonhole stitch

TAST WEEK 39 - Knotted Buttonhole Stitch

This week's tast challenge, knotted buttonhole stitch is an interesting one.  It is most apt for border and used as filling stitch.


This is my first needle tatting flower.  I heard the name needle tatting for the first time through Ms.Annet's blog (fat quarter).  It is easier than shuttle tatting.  It took me many years to learn the technique.  I bought a shuttle 20 years back and kept it idle because i didn't know how to use it and after ten years, I have learnt the technique through Coats Needle'n Thread magazine. I feel Shuttle tatting is little time consuming process but this needle tatting is better. I tried some and converted them into book marks.  Thanks to needle tatting and other nonsense blog. In this blog the tutorials are  much helpful to learn needle tatting. 

 This is shuttle tatting flower.


  1. Your tatting flowers and bookmarks are lovely. It is nice to find an alternative way of doing something; you want the look and the result but don't like the method. Then it is a dream when you find another way. Have fun!

    I was most impressed by your Knotted Buttonhole stitches. For filling you have created a honeycomb pattern. Very clever!

  2. I like your tatting. Thanks for the link.

  3. oops..I came to say I like your Knotted Buttonhole samples, especially the large shisha.