Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hand- Embroidery in saree

This is a Kamal Kadai embroidery done on a georget saree for my loving daughter. Here, I have used a multi colour cone thread for the flowers and double shade green cone thread for the stem and leaves. 
In the centre of the flowers I have fixed an orange colour sequin.

Stitches used:

1. Leaves- Fishbone
2. Flowers-Kamal Kadai
3. stems-Wiped running
4. Scalp-Herringbone

These four simple stitche were used throughout the saree.  Post your comments to my blog.


  1. How much time did you take to finish this work? Nice work and color combination.

  2. thank u. it took 20 = 22 hours to complete.

  3. Beautiful work.

  4. Beautiful! Can you post me a photo of the cone thread..and a small request.. the word verification is very tough..instead you can moderate the comments..Please..

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments 0n my blog. KAmal work is really superb. I am also having some designs in hand for this work and waiting for the time to come to do a project in this.