Friday, 7 September 2012

Latest works

 crochet coin purse:
 crochet key chain
Tanjore Painting:  I learnt this art from Mr Natarajan, a professional artitst.

 TAST WEEK 37 - Catch up week:  I used chain stitch, open chain stitch, cast on stitch, running stitch herringbone and stem stitch for this week's catch up.

 Fly stitch embroidered saree:

I bought this cream  with brown colour border saree some 27 years back.  I want to add some colour to it, but I don't want to spent more time.  I select this simple design and embroidered with  2 strand silk thread


  1. This is simple yet beautiful! I am also planning to do one but am afraid of the monotony of the work..must pul up some courage and start doing :)

  2. hi
    Crochet key chain looks very beautiful. All your works are nice. thanks for commenting on my blog and following me.

  3. thank u mahalakshmi madam and shami. thank u for visiting my blog and following mine